Add a cute flying Twitter Bird to your blog.

With 140 million active users and 340 million tweets daily as of 2012, Twitter is becoming very popular among bloggers. Tweet button can generate lots of traffic to your blog. One of the best ways to find new followers for your blog is to link your blog with its Twitter account. There are many plugins, widgets, and scripts to do that, but we have come up with a unique idea. The idea is based on java script and it will display a cute flying Twitter Bird that flies corner to corner of your web pages as you scroll up and down. When you place the cursor over the Twitter Bird, it will say “tweet this” and “follow me”. This will let users easily tweet your blogs and websites.

Here is a step-by-step guide to add the flying Twitter Bird:


1. Go to your Blogger > Template
2. Backup your template > Edit HTML

3. Search for

4. Paste this code above :

5. Replace Factbook4u with your Twitter account username.

6. Save your template and done, your Twitter Bird should be flying!


1. Go to your WordPress.

2. Navigate to > Appearance > Plugins > Add New

3. In the search box, type “Animated Twitter Bird” and press enter.

4. Install and activate the plugin. Done! 
Let me know if you have any issues with this.

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