Fact # 5: The only state in the U.S. that doesn’t have a rectangular flag is Ohio.

John Eisemann designed the flag of the state of Ohio and it was adopted in 1902. Ohio’s hills and valleys are represented by the large blue triangle, and roads and waterways are represented by the stripes.  The five stripes also represent that Ohio is one of the five states that comprised the Northwest Territory (Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin). Ohio was the 17th state admitted to the union which is symbolized by the 17 stars. The 13 stars around the circle (above, below, and left) represent the 13 original colonies of the U.S. The white circle with its red center represents the first letter of the state’s name and its nickname, “the Buckeye State”.

John Eisemann was an architect and a designer for the Ohio State Pan-American Exposition Commission. Burgee is the name of this type of flag which is based on the design of cavalry flags of the Civil War and Spanish-American War. It is the only American state flag that is non-rectangular, and one of only a few non-rectangular official jurisdictional flags, at the state level or above, in the world (the other is the flag of Nepal). Take a look at the all flags of the U.S. states by clicking here.

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