Fact # 7: It’s normal to fart up to half of a gallon.

I know it stinks, but anything we drink or eat gives us gas. Scientists say that it is normal to fart up to half of a gallon (1.9 liters) or about 15 to 20 toots worth of gas each day. 

When we eat or drink something, air comes with it, remember that the air has to leave our body one way or another. Let’s look at it from the scientific point of view: “Fragrant flatulence, however, comes from colonies of bacteria shacked up inside our lower intestinal tract. In the process of converting our meals into useful nutrients, these food-munching microbes produce a smelly by-product of hydrogen sulfide gas—the same stench that emanates from rotten eggs.

The response of bacteria to food differs from person to person (as each person has a unique collection of their own, just kidding :D). Just like all of us, bacteria like munching on sugary foods, especially Fructose (onions, corn, wheat, pears), Lactose (milk, bread, cereal), Raffinose (beans, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, asparagus, and other vegetables), and Sorbitol (all fruits, sugar-free foods or drinks). Other fart-forming ingredients are fiber and starches found in foods like corn, potatoes, and wheat. Fats and protein don’t cause gas, but they can make a meal take longer to digest and give bacteria more time to generate gas from other ingredients.

Now you may be thinking is there any food that doesn’t give us gas? The answer is: Rice. If you were too much serious about this matter, after reading this fact, you should be out of worry. It’s normal, so keep farting. 

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