Google Glasses: Is this really possible?

One month ago, Google publically released a video “Project Glass: One day…” which shows the concept of the Google Glasses. A man uses his voice to do things like checking weather, sending massages, getting directions, scheduling meetings, taking pictures, and placing a video call. You don’t need a smartphone anymore; Google Glasses will do everything for you, but is this really possible? If yes, how long it will take to come in the market?

Director of the Augmented Environments Lab at Georgia Tech, Blair MacIntyre said, “In one simple fake video, Google has created a level of over-hype and over-expectation that their hardware cannot possibly live up to.”

And according to Pranav Mistry, an MIT Media Lab researcher and one of the inventors of a wearable computing system called Sixth Sense, “The small screen seen in the photos cannot give the experience the video is showing. Even if Google was able to overcome technical barriers, you shouldn’t expect to see real AR glasses on the market for at least two years. That’s because of limitations with what current head-up displays can do and the fact that actual augmented reality in a display would necessitate additional eye-reading hardware, allowing for dynamic focus.”
The New York Times reported earlier that the glasses would be available for public by the end of the year. We hope that this will turn into reality soon.
What do you think about Google Glasses? Would you buy one? Please give a comment below, we appreciate that and it helps us a lot.

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