Introducing "Groups for Schools" on Facebook.

In very near future, all U.S. colleges and then other colleges around the world will be able to create groups on Facebook for their classes, clubs and more. These groups can be used for posting lecture notes, schedules, assignments or anything related to school. Anyone can upload and download files within that group. You can also create events and send messages to other students and teachers.

Here are some facts about “file sharing” in groups:

  • Facebook will not allow copyrighted files, which means you can’t share music files with your classmates (just kidding :D). 
  • The maximum size of a file you can upload is 25 MB.
  • Again, “.exe” files are not allowed to upload to keep it safe and secure.
Image Courtesy: Facebook

How to Join?

Only students and faculty can join their school’s group with their “.edu” email addresses. You can join multiple schools, but Facebook will verify that you have an active email address for each school.
Once groups are available at your school, you should see a message on the left side of your home page and then follow the instruction or you can go to groups for schools page to search for your college or university. 
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